The Smart Meter Orgonites are ideal for purifying your drinks, supporting restful sleep, cleansing your crystals, and reducing radiation in your home. They can be placed throughout your refrigerator to keep food fresher and last longer.


Placing them directly on top of your Smart Meter or Power Box will drastically reduce radiation and allow appliances to receive clean energy that reduces energy bills.


The  smaller Personal Orgonites are ideal for carrying on your person or for a smaller child to support restful sleep. They can be placed throughout your refrigerator to keep food fresher and last longer.


All Orgonites are handmade therefore the colours vary. Contact us directly if you are after a specific colour. We will contact or speak to you providing photos of the Orgonites in stock


Dimensions of Orgonites

Smart Meter Orgonites

Width:  6.5cm

Height:  3cm

Personal Orgonites

Width:  4.0 Cm

Height: 2.0 Cm

Smart Meter and Personal Orgonites

PriceFrom $25.00