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About Us

Red Horse is a Native American Indian who is a descendant of the Mescalero Apache Tribe from the Southwest of North America.

Red Horse and Natalia's vision is to share the rich and spiritual culture of the Native American Indian. Their passion for education and healing was brought to many audiences through their work.


Their ambition is to inspire our future generations to cherish and respect each other in this fragile world and for each individual to embrace their very own indigenous background.

Red Horse is a healer, speaker, educator, storyteller, singer, flutist, dancer and actor. His performances have mesmerised audiences of every age group.


The intricate hand beading, feather and leatherwork, which make up Red Horse’s stunning traditional regalia are designed and created by Natalia.

Together they have taught sustainability in schools, inspiring youth to live in harmony with the Native American culture.


By popular demand, Red Horse released his first CD, “Little Big Heart” with many songs featuring the Native American Flute. Red Horse is currently recording his second album.

"Little Big Heart", has been used as the underscore for an American documentary about his people, the Mescalero Apaches.

We believe in connecting Indigenous Peoples from all nations and lands as it is in the sacred medicine wheel.

Red Horse and Natalia


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