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Healing Tools are the invention of researcher and biochemist, Slim Spurling (1938- 2007).


Slim brought the ancient benefits of quantum physics into the hands and homes of people who care about personal and planetary wellness. It begins with a simple cubit length of copper wire twisted and folded back onto it’s self to make a ring. The ring creates an open space or “active area” known as the tensor field. Whatever is placed within the circle or sphere of influence is enlivened and positively affected by the field.


Why do Healing Rings Work?


The rings are based on Sacred Geometry. The measurements used in tool making are taken from natural phenomenon related to the Earth’s structure, the speed of light, atomic weights, and atomic radii. Layering superconductive materials such as copper, gold, silver, a field of energy is created that appears to be identical to life force energy.


What Changes are Possible?


With these rings the applications are limitless. Once the principles are understood, it’s easy to see how individuals, communities, and the earth itself can benefit from this technology. Field tests have shown shifts when a tensor field is introduced. Some tests have shown the following subtle energy changes including: rapid healing of soft tissue and bone; pain reduction; enhanced water quality; reduced effects from noxious radiation; pollution of water, air, and soil reduced, improved crop yields and pest control; improved gas mileage.


The Sacred Geometry and the Cubits


“The twisted wire that forms the rings circumference cancels out the electromagnetic field in the ring due to its closed loop construction. This means that the magnetic field has been cancelled out and a pure non-inductive super current can travel in the ring. This super current field generates a scalar or tensor energy vortex in the ring. The healing field vortex created in the ring or in the harmonizer acts as an amplifier of the natural energy fields.’

The circumferences of the rings are ratios of the sacred, lost, and new cubits. They are derived from ancient geodesic studies of the sun-moon-earth relationship. The sacred cubit was the standard measurement used to construct the King’s Chamber Pyramid.


Sacred Geometry


The term “sacred geometry” is often used to refer to architectural forms and is applied to those proportions, shapes and patterns that reoccur regularly in nature. The ancients observed these endless repetitions of the same numerical relationships and gave this geometry a divine significance.

Our entire universe is shaped according to set geometric values. These patterns arrange the cells in our body and define the distance between the stars and the planets.

The Essence of Spirit can be encoded in measure and number. These measurements are related to mathematical constants. Slim collected evidence for the existence of cubit lengths recorded in the ancient world.

Sacred Cubit seems to impact three dimensional or physical conditions and defines solid matter.

It has a natural resonant frequency of 144 MHz. This length carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that restores regulatory function of the body and promotes healing.

Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 MHz. What ever we think becomes real. Our thoughts, our consciousness creates a field. The ancients knew this. The lost cubit has to do with physical longevity. It may contribute to the DNA’s ability to change at will.

New Cubit seems to support mental clarity as well as enhance healing on all levels.


What is Geopathic Stress?


Geopathic stress is Earth’s vibrations that rise up through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms.

Since Geopathic stress is associated with illness, it is an important arena to address in our everyday life. Slim Spurling says it is the negative factor behind all illnesses. Diverting the lines through earth acupuncture is a simple, easy way to support changing this dangerous phenomenon. Slim did this work for many years and witnessed significant improvement in people’s health as well as environmental improvements, such as plant life flourishing.

Benefits of Stress Reduction through diverting the lines: Encourage sleep; fights infection; oxygenates tissues; promotes mental acuity; reduces inflammation and fluid retention; supports biological healing.

Through the use of dousing and copper rod placement in the ground stress lines can be diverted.


The Rings and Water


Why put rings around your water?

The rings add “a higher form of energy” to the structure of the hydrogen atom. The orbit of the electron changes when the radius of the hydrogen atom increases.

Water must change because 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom must rearrange their own internal geometry in order to conform to the new energy level. The light field above or below the Ring appears to relax the cell membranes to allow better oxygen/nutrient/waste transport in and out of the cell.


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