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Interactive Experience

2016 was our final event.

We will no longer be holding this event .



We would be honoured for you to join us in our

7th and FINAL

Interactive Experience of a lifetime.


A Day in the Life of a Native American Indian


November 26, 2016

12.30pm to 6.30pm

Lilydale, Victoria


Now Accepting Bookings and Deposits to Hold Your Seat.


 Limited seating of only 50 people.


Tickets must be pre-booked. No Ticket sales at the door.


Don't delay in booking as this popular once a year and final event is always sold out.


We are so excited to announce that American Bison Buffalo meat will be served! 


We are excited to provide Australians with an opportunity to take a step back in time and relive the era of the first people of America, the Native American Indian.

The people of Australia can now experience a unique look into the culture and history of the Native American Indian without leaving Australian shores. You will be taken back in time by Red Horse, a Native American Indian who is a descendant of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, from the Southwest of North America.


Many people believe that all Apaches came from the desert but they also live in the mountains, valleys, and plains. The Apache people were well known to be great fierce warriors, protecting their people and their lands.

In fact there are seven Apache tribes, some of whom lived on the wind swept Southern Plains. The Mescalero, Lipan, Jicarilla and Kiowa Apache.They wore beaded fringed buckskin clothing, war bonnets made of Golden Eagle feathers. They also lived in tipis as well as wickiups and hunted the buffalo.


Red Horse will not only talk about Apaches but many other Plains Indians and show their crafts.

Through our educational as well as entertaining experience you will see a culture that has endured thousands of years.

Red Horse will amaze you with the energy, colour and the spirituality of dance and song. He will also captivate and charm you with stories handed down from generations.


Many beautiful, handmade museum replica artefacts will be presented along with a 19 foot majestic tipi.

Red Horse will give a description on the making and use of each artefact, so you can have a greater understanding and an insight of what everyday life was like for a Native American Indian.

One of the newest, extraordinary documentaries on the hardships of the Native Americans will be screened.

You will experience the spirit of the Native dance when learning the basic steps and bond with a likeminded community.

Feast over a delicious mouth-watering assortment of savories and sweets for afternoon tea.

Taste American Bison Buffalo meat!

We welcome you to join us for a day that will last a lifetime in your memories.


Wonderful afternoon tea and refreshments throughout the event will be provided.







Tickets can be paid in full or if you prefer,


you can place a deposit of $50.00 to hold your seat and make payments. 


Price $200.00 per Adult. 


   Limited seats of only 50 available.


                    Phone: 0425 428 088 or 0411 568 963                

Deposits and tickets are non refundable.


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