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School Sustainability


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School Sustainability Incursions


Primary and Secondary school students can now experience a unique way of learning about sustainability through the lifestyle of the Native American Indian.

Red Horse is a descendent of the Mescalero Apache tribe from the Southwest of North America. He is now a permanent resident of Australia and is proudly presenting an exciting, highly interactive incursion that will demonstrate the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) in multiple ways.

Native Americans lived by the laws of sustainability for thousands of years and this incursion will bring forward the skills and ideas used in their culture.

Many people believe that all Apaches came from the desert. In fact there are seven Apache tribes, four of whom lived on the Southern Plains. The Mescalero, Lipan, Jicarilla and Kiowa Apache. They wore beaded fringed buckskin clothing, war bonnets made of Golden Eagle feathers. They also lived in tipis as well as wikiups and hunted the buffalo.

Red Horse will not only talk about  Apaches but many other tribes that lived on the Plains and show their crafts.

The children will learn of a highly spiritual race and the kinship and respect they have for land, water, sky and life.
The students will imaginatively be addressed in a very creative manner as Red Horse brings to life the ways of his ancestors through music, song and dance.

The most intricately beaded regalia will be worn and displayed throughout the day.

Crafts will be highlighted through beautiful and skillfully handmade artifacts that were used in everyday life to maintain their survival. These are made from natural resources and will be exhibited and discussed as part of the presentation.

The largest artifact displayed will be an 18 foot majestic tipi to show how uniquely the Indian dwelled.

This educational presentation that is profoundly visual both in colour and energy is guaranteed to leave a positive impact on lifelong memories.

Native American Production’s dream is to emphasize the importance of respect for the environment, animals, fellow man and themselves and to keep alive the traditions of their ancestors.


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Native American School Incursions with Red Horse

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