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A healing with
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Although Red Horse is a Reiki Master his preferred method of healing is Spiritual Energy Healing.


Spiritual Energy Healing  does not only deal with the physical aspect of healing, but focuses on the person’s holistic being –  the mind, body, emotional and spiritual aspects of everyone are considered equally.

When you are receiving Spiritual Energy Healing with Red Horse, you will remain fully clothed and sitting. 

He will use his amazing gift of healing energy to clear any past or emotional trauma which is connected to your physical or emotional pain. 

His unique healing's are helping many people from all over Australia and the world get their lives back by ridding them of physical and emotional pain with the help of  positive spiritual energy along with healing bracelets, tools and crystals.

For appointments please phone

Red Horse or Natalia on

0425 428 088 or 0411 568 963

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