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House cleansings are no longer available


Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home? Do you feel like someone is watching you eventhough there is no one there that you can see. Does everything always seem to be going wrong? Do things go missing or are things being moved? Are you hearing voices when no one is around, ticking on walls, knocking, footsteps or even being scratched? Do you often feel drained  or unwell for no apparent reason? Is there constant anger and bickering which is not usual?


Spiritual activity is on the rise. 

Some of us are beacons and we attract energies more than others.

It is not always the case that you have a negative energy present. You may have someone wanting to give you an important message. Such as a loved one that has passed on. To get your attention, you will notice out of the ordinary things occur at your home or business.


Red Horse can help you when you think there is no help. You are not alone and you are not crazy!

Red Horse cleanses homes that hold many different types of energies on a weekly basis with only positive results. The gratitude of his clients is a very rewarding appreciation of peace that dwells in their homes once a cleansing takes place.

You will also be given the knowlwdge on maintaining the perfect energy of your home or business.


Please feel free to contact Red Horse and speak with him personally and confidentially on 0425 428 088 or 0411 568 963.


Spiritual House Cleansings

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