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For the past 12-18 months I have had a constant dull ache in my right shoulder and down my right arm. Since purchasing my copper healing bracelet, this pain has literally gone.  The resulting lack of discomfort was almost immediate ( 2 to 3 hours). It has also been effective for my right ankle, which I broke playing football 35 years ago. This break has developed into minor osteo arthritis. I still get an occasional twinge of pain in the ankle but instead of being unable to walk properly, I can continue to walk pain free almost immediately. I attribute this to wearing the Tensor bracelet. I recommend this product to anyone who suffers even minor pain. My wife has just purchased one to assist with her problems of frozen shoulder and knee pain. We look forward to positive results.


Ken Sorraghan

Oak Park, Victoria 3046


Thank you so much Ken.

We look forward to helping other people with your wonderful testimony.

Your wife’s bracelet is in the post and should be there by Monday.

We look forward to reading her testimony as well.

The elation we receive when being able to help heal pain in other people

is extremely rewarding and we are very grateful for this blessing.


Abundant blessings and peace to you and your family,

Red Horse and Natalia





I have been wearing my bracelets for a month. After my open heart surgery my recovery came quickly and before the surgery I walked with a cane because of severe arthritis and needing a knee replacement. I no longer need the cane and the pain is gone. I can only attribute it to wearing the rings. I am 74 yrs old and was in bad shape and now I'm moving around without a problem from Texas and very happy.


Rosie R.

Victoria, Texas 77901


Thank you so much for your great testimony Rosie.

What wonderful news it is to hear you are recovering so well and so quickly after your heart surgery.

We are so pleased the bracelets have brought such a relief to your pain and your mobility has improved so much. 

How incredible that you now walk without a cane. Our prayers have been answered.


Abundant blessings and love,

Red Horse and Natalia





Hi Red Horse,


I was your first customer at the Whittlesea market this morning. My back pain has not occurred since putting on the bracelet and I have noticed my shoulder is also good and there now is very little pain in my knee. This is amazing and can’t wait to see how I feel tomorrow.  My husband had arrived home with a sore back so I handed him the bracelet to wear. Half an hour later no pain. I have been looking on Facebook and see that you go to St. Andrews market. Will you be there Saturday?  It was lovely to meet you and hope to see you again next week.


Lisa from the Whittlesea Market


Hello Lisa,

It is great to hear that the bracelet is working so well for you and your husband.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and letting us know how well it’s healing you both. Love hearing such positive results.  

Please spread the word and let people know in the Whittlesea area that there is pain relief for those who have suffered for so long.

Looking forward to healing the people of the Whittlesea area next Monday.


Blessings to you Lisa and your husband,

Red Horse and Natalia







Dear Red Horse

I hope this finds you and your family feeling healthy and happy.

I just wanted to touch base after wearing my healing bracelet for almost a couple of weeks.

Last weekend l was asked to do some tarot readings for family friends, l have not done any readings for a little while so feeling rusty. Omg!  The clarity and the emotions!! ...just amazing

Freaked my Mum out a bit, and she was just sitting in the room,

Thank You for introducing me to my infinity healing bracelet. 





Hi Deb,


Love hearing this great outcome you have had!

Looking forward to hearing other great moments you have wearing this incredible healing bracelet.

Thank you so much for sharing.


Many blessings,

Red Horse and Natalia




The healing rings are working wonders for us. We have both noticed huge improvements in our energy levels and strength.

Mum works at a special needs school and needs a lot of energy and strength to work with the children there, so she began wearing her bracelet every day and noticed a difference straight away. She also has recurring injuries in her shoulder and ankle, and whenever they begin to hurt she places her healing ring over the sore spot for a couple of hours and the pain disappears. She also sleeps with the ring beside her bed and is sleeping much better and easier. 

I noticed a huge improvement in my sleeping pattern and energy levels after the first night of using my healing ring. I used to struggle with falling asleep, and I could rarely wake up before noon, but now I'm sleeping much easier and waking up earlier. I also have a permanent injury in one of my wrists which can cause lots of pain and discomfort to the point where I can't move my hand or fingers. The last few times that the pain has flared up, I wore my bracelet and slept with it on and almost overnight the pain disappeared and the mobility improved. The flare ups would happen at least once a week but it has now been almost three weeks since the last flare.

We can both say that we are very pleased with our results and are extremely happy that we purchased the healing rings!






Wow Jordyn! What an amazing testimony.

We are so pleased for the improvements in both your's and your mother's health.

Thank you so much for sharing your health improvements with us after wearing the healing rings.


Many blessings to you both,

Red Horse and Natalia

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