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Hello to all our beautiful friends that attended A Day in the Life of a Native American Indian.

Red Horse, I, and our amazing staff would like to thank all of you for coming and making the day and night such a great success.

We would also like to ask you a special favour. Could you please send us a testimony of the day with permission to place your name at the end of it for us to put on our website?

Also if anyone took photos; please email them to us as we love to compile guest photos from all of our events.

One last thing...if anyone at all captured any spirit orbs we would be extremely grateful if you can send them to us. These are our ancestors, relatives, and positive spirits who came to share our dream with us all.

We love you all and we are extremely honoured that you graced us with your awesome presence.

Have a beautiful coming week and may God bless each and every one of you,

Red Horse and Natalia

x x x


Must Read Testimonies



"I have participated in Red Horse's productions, and can say they are very authentic to Native American culture being Cherokee myself. They are also highly engaging and productive of drawing out the highest virtues from people of all backgrounds. As a facilitator of large groups, family retreats, conference forums and conference gatherings, I know how hard it can be to orchestrate such events, keep everyone engaged, and honour the things participants bring as well as add something of value to their thinking. Red Horse does a superb job at this complex skill in an authentic, loving and open way that evinces both confidence and humility, knowledge and openness, orderliness but flexibility and sensitivity to participants. I often recommend to people that they go along to anything he is offering."

Derek Patton


Testimonies for

"A Day in the Life of a Native American Indian"; November 22nd, 2014


Dear Red Horse and Natalia

What a privilege to participate in an amazing day with you both and all of the other interesting and energetic participants.

The day was fun, very educational and energetic.  It covered lots of various aspects of a "Day in the Life of Native American Indians".  The artefacts, including weaponry used many years ago, the documentary, and the photos you shared of orbs was very interesting to say the least!

The energy that Red Horse, Natalia and your beautiful and obliging staff put into the organisation, production and presentation of the day was obviously apparent.  I had such a wonderful time and am looking forward to participating in future workshops that you hold.

Thanks again for a stunning day .. if anyone is thinking about should they participate in such an event, the answer is a definite YES!

Love and blessings

Pam xx



My Partner Frank and I had been eagerly awaiting this day for months...The day had turned out to be all we had hoped for and so much more...Red Horse and Natalia had organized a day that was heart felt , informative, interactive and entertaining. Red Horse and Natalia are two of the most warm hearted and genuine people you will ever meet. They are generous, inviting and their passion is contagious.

We want to thank you both and your team for all your hard work and efforts for organizing such an amazing day. The day left us all in high spirits and filled with a renewed appreciation and understanding , not only for Native Americans, but for Mankind and Mother Earth.

Please include Frank and Myself in any future events.
Blessings to you both, in love and light always .

Frank and Lina.



Red Horse, Natalia and all your hard working crew,

What an amazing day. My feet still haven't hit the ground. The food was amazing and the service impeccable. The dancing was mind blowing. Red Horse and Natalia you are 2 very special people. Definitely will attend another experience with you.

Terri C



Thank you so much Red Horse & Natalia for an amazing day and night on Saturday.
It was a night to remember and talk about for a long long time.
Thanks again will see you at the Berwick market soon.

Kaye R.


Darling Family,

Thank you so very much for a beautiful yesterday.  I had an awesome day and am proud of you both for what you gave to others consistently throughout the day, barely stopping to take a breath.

I think the movie all be it truth would be hard for many to digest and although we know the truth of the Natives peoples, many we must realise don’t and perhaps for the day, our beloved Creator just decided to be gentle with people when the energies became heavy in the room .  Our Creator knows all and everything was superb.  I heard many comments from people there how wonderful they thought the day and were having such a great time.  Food was delicious, I would like to hire that chef, hahaha.

A true delight to see Jerry again, it has been long since we saw each other.  Tell him he’s looking great and well and Lance the same.

With all my love and support my beautiful family

Hugs and love,

Juliann xxx



Hi Red Horse, Natalia & family,

We thank you for a fantastic day in the life of a Native American, What a wonderful day to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary,it was great to taste bison once again and the rest of the food was also great, the documentary of the Mayflower landing and the association with the true american native people that tragically went sour, then came the dancing was great fun, All in all this was a great day of entertainment, learning, and joining with new friends we thoroughly recommend it to all.

Lots of love to you all stay safe & take care,

Peter & Caterine Sguazzato


Good morning Red Horse and Natalia,

 I just want to once again thank you for the " A Day in the Life of a Native American."  interactive experience I attended a couple of weekends ago. I had a wonderful time and look forward to an opportunity where I can take my son to an event so he may learn a bit more about his cultural heritage.  I have looked at my photos of the night and unfortunately I did not see any orbs, however I went back and looked at some older photos I possess and have found “orbs galore” .I did however, at the event, experience a certain change in my physical and mental state. At some points I had to sit down as I felt overcome with a flooding of spirituality.I am still feeling the effects of this experience. I do not attribute this feeling to any “new age” quasi ceremonial ritual, as that is not what was presented by you.Your program was educational and one of the best that I have ever attended, either in Australia or in North America. I just felt more connected to my past, to my Mother’s heritage.

Thanks again and I hope to see you both again in the future.

Kind regards,

Richard B


Dear Red Horse and Natalia

I had the pleasure of attending the workshop 'A Day In The Life Of A Native American Indian' held by Red Horse and Natalia. What an incredible experience it was for me. Not only did I learn a lot more about the history and culture of the Native American Indians but I was able to participate in things that were part of their everyday life.

I met so many wonderful people on the day. We all had so much fun dancing and drumming. It was very liberating. The atmosphere was electric. Another highlight for me was sitting in the tepee meditating.

For me spiritually it was very enlightening. I am so grateful to Red Horse, Natalia and their team to have had this opportunity.

We were very well looked after. The food that they provided was awesome.

If you want to participate and learn about Native American Indians I highly recommend attending Red Horse and Natalia's workshops. You will really enjoy it.

Karen Roberts



Dear Red Horse and Natalia
Thank you for an incredible experience. It wasn't easy walking in alone, but you and your staff made me feel so welcome and a part of something very special. 
Red Horse, you are a wonderful storyteller, thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
The food was amazing and the dancing was a perfect end to the day.
I met some beautiful like minded people which made the day even more special. Again thank you.
Love, light and blessings,



Testimonies for

"The Day in the Life of a Native American Indian"; August 3rd, 2013


I have been blessed to attend 2 of Red Horse's interactive workshop in the past few years. So I have not only had the chance to see the continued growth of these workshops, however I can honestly say that each experience was amazing and insightful, bringing me true awareness of the Native America way. As well as the interactiveness of the day and the activities, I also found Red Horse, his lovely wife Natalia and daughters to be such accommodating hosts, ready on hand to offer any assistance and answer any questions that came up.

  It truly was a magically experience, one that I hope to have again and one that I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!" 

 - Kim Bleeze


Thank you Red Horse and Natalia,

I had an amazing day and feel honoured to have shared this day with so many people of like mind.

It was good to hear the true story about Thanksgiving and not what everyone wants us to believe.

The same type of treatment was experienced by our Indigenous people in Australia and it is time the truth was revealed.

I am amazed that we don’t know even about where the Native American Indian came from and the fact our own indigenous people have walked that land.

If there was a lesson here for the white man it is that we don’t know it all and we don’t always get it right.

We can learn so much from indigenous cultures including how to make life “simple” instead of the constant struggle to possess so much in this world that we do not own, never did and never will.

We came into this world with nothing and that is how we will leave.

Thank you again for an experience I will never forget.

Love to both of you for the effort you have put into making this a wonderful day.

Kind regards,

Susan Doran


To Dear Redhorse and Natalia,

Hi :)  hope you are both well and enjoying some relaxing time after saturday...What an amazing day, you put so much energy and work into it to make it so wonderful...thankyou so much for having me there and for your kindness and hospitality. I feel grateful and thankful to have met you and to have been able to come to the day, i have come away feeling renewed and overjoyed and somehow connected. You have beautiful family and friends and it was great to meet them and to enjoy the day with them. Thankyou for a beautiful dinner obviously made with love and care.
You made everyone feel special, accepted and included. Your desire to bring more awareness to the community is inspirational and It's great for people to hear and experience the truth straight from those keeping your traditions alive. Don't ever stop, It shows that if we can eliminate the differences that have been focused on and to clear and prevent misunderstandings that have been any walk of life... we can all start to stand together with what binds us together. What a heart-warming day, You certainly have a deep love for people and are a very special couple.
If there is ever anything i can do for you or help you with please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. I certainly do hope we can keep in touch.
Lots of Love,
Jodie K. :)


Hi Red Horse and Natalia

Want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing day it was such a honour to share your culture and your powerful spirit it moved me in so many ways and as well the feeling of big open hearts and love l feel it was such a privilege and honour of you sharing the day, and the powerful energy when we were doing your traditional dance it was such a high. l hope you will do more work shops in the future  because it something that touches your soul and you feel spiritual enlighten .

Sending you both love and light,

Vicki Nugent


Hey there Redhorse, Natalia and Girls

Please feel free to post the following testimonial.

“Cameron and I attended the Native American Productions Interactive Workshop on Saturday 3rd August 2013 and it was fantastic. Redhorse regaled us with his haunting pipe music, followed by mindful and informative sessions about native American history, the spirit world, a historical/anthropological overview of previous migrations, a wonderful display and explanation of the native artefacts that both he and Natalia have curated, interrupted by timely comfort breaks and the provision of wonderful snacks, finger food and then a southern Tex/Mex style dinner. Culminating in an absolutely wonderful and joyous display of singing and dancing which everyone participated in. The night was thoughtfully planned, carried out with military precision and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I personally found it a great bonding opportunity and a life affirming experience which has been a real tonic for myself and Cameron, which I am sure will be remembered and revisited for many years to come. I would like to thank Native American Productions for providing such a wonderful experience which I highly recommend to all open minded, decent and free spirited people, regardless of culture, creed or social status”

Sincerely Professor Ian Culley [Doctor of Commerce, Social and Political Theory and Cognitive Linguistics]

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes

Ian and Cameron Culley


Dear Redhorse,  
Thankyou to you and your wife and family and your friends for making this experience such a beautiful one... The day was full of so much, it was informative and interesting and I am sure only touched the surface of your life and that of the Native American.  The pureness that I felt was part of the Native American showed through as you explained and described part of your life to us and was a truly beautiful sensation.  I hope you continue to let the world know more about your heritage and life experiences in the future and I hope that I may have the pleasure of meeting you again sometime. 
Thankyou for allow me to share.



Hi Natalia,

Just want to say what an amazing day I experienced with You, Red Horse and all of the other amazing participants.

The day was fun, educational and energetic.  It covered so many aspects of a "Day in the Life of....".  From the artefacts, to the documentary, from the photos of orbs to the feathers (sorry I have forgotten what they are called!!).

The energy that You, Red Horse and Staff put into the organisation, production and presentation of the day was (extremely!!) apparent.  I had such an amazing time and am looking forward to participating in future workshops that you hold.

Cheers and mwah to you all!!!

Bernie C

Hi Red Horse and Natalia,

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, I found the history very interesting, and as a spiritual person, I loved the saging and the tribal dancing, things that get to the heart of your being. The food was delicious and plentiful, and I loved the hands on craft work. So thankyou for the experience and I wish you all the best for the future,

Many Thanks
Janet Kirk xx

Hello hello Red Horse, Lovely Natalia & family

I knew that the night would be something else I really did, however I did not expect the continuation as the days followed , feelings emotions & all senses alert  buzzing and breathing.

Red Horse at the end of the night I had another event in the city, first thing I did was put your CD on in the car it is so very special I just love surprise hahhah, but it was the drive home there after that truly overwhelmed me & reduced me to tears  so I will aim to explain the best I can..   in the past I would do a little  writing/sinning - Lesley's Song ( u did talk a little about it at Julie's shop briefly  ) - instrumentally touching clearly I could hear the motorcycle sounds lol haha, then I found myself sinning away in the tone of your flute with an operatic / pitch like voice ???? sobbing with tears running down my face- though  I did not know your dear friend - how I  have miss my sinning .I am now more aware & seeing unknown  faces in the crowd and hearing the Native music everywhere I seem to go.

Thank you for such a sweet soulful precious evening to all involved & a special note to beautiful Natalia for her dedication to others xooxoxo

Always your friend



Testimonies for

'A Day in the Life of a Native American Indian' November 17th 2012


Red Horse and Natalia,

Thank you so much for sharing this day with us, the amount of love and dedication that goes into this event is divine; everyone is made to feel so comfortable as if in the presence of old friends. Red Horse’s presentation of Native American history is amazingly insightful and moving. 

Throughout this day I laughed, I cried and felt utterly mesmerized by Red Horse. When he speaks of his people’s heritage and their hardships, when he performs his beautiful music and dance, his conviction, sincerity, passion and spirit capture you completely. 

Red Hose and Natalia, what a truly magnificent day filled with great stories, great food and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend this day to anyone and everyone, and I hope to one day have the privilege of attending another.

Love and Blessings to you both.



Dear Red Horse and Natalia and all the Friends gathered,

Thank you Red Horse, and Natalia, for your warm hearts and fine welcome. Your knowledge is wide and your understanding deep.

Thank you, all the beautiful souls who came and shared themselves.

As a First Nations (Cherokee) person, it makes my heart soar like an eagle every time I think about how these beautiful Australian people have shown Respect and Curiosity and Welcoming of our culture, which you both have shared with such Love and Openness. The Cherokee vision and prophecy of the different coloured snakes ends with the understanding that the suffering of the indigenous peoples has purified them so that through this sharing, they and those who listen, can heal the earth. As you said Red Horse, everyone was at some time indigenous.

We are all One Family, ultimately.

I would just like to say that I think all these new friends are fulfilling Black Elk’s vision of the Warriors of the Rainbow. These warriors come from every race, place and people, and they unite to heal the earth through love and understanding each other.  I attach a photo from my book about this from 1962.

Who decides who is a Rainbow Warrior?

If you decide to follow this path, then you are doing it and no one can dispute this. You are who you chose to be.

Later, the Creator will tell us how we managed when we get to the other side.

Be of brave heart, HOPE and try, that is all.

Invite others into the sacred circle. Love them into the circle. Bring them along next time.

Love to everyone,

Keeper of the Fire (Derek)


Red Horse and Natalia

I would like to wish you both, and all your families, a very merry Christmas and a safe holiday season and a healthy new year.

I would also like to thank you for the work you both are doing to keep the Native American history alive and giving people, especially me, the chance to have a little bit of it too.  You don't know for how long i have wanted and serched to get some personal interaction with the culture and to be able to talk face to face with a Native American person so as to be able to get some spiritual fulfilment.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.  

I hope to see you again in the New Year

Kathy Hilder

Dear Red Horse and Natalia,
What an absolute pleasure to meet you both in person and be treated to such a wonderful day.
Your open hearts and beautiful souls shone through so brightly to us all and we were truly blessed
to be part of your latest Native American Experience. Your passion and enthusiasm radiated out to us
over the entire duration of the day -  the food, the music - OMG! the music - it transported my soul to 
somewhere very special. Red Horse, I must tell you that you danced in my head for most 
of the next day!  And Natalia, your warmth and welcoming heart made us all feel immediately
at home, and thankyou for inviting me in to experience the energy inside the tipi whilst Red Horse and
everyone else were dancing - phenomenal! - I feel very privileged and I will never forget that. 
Thankyou so much.
Love and Blessings to you both - I do hope to keep in touch.
Maree xxx


Good Morning Red Horse and Natalia
Thank you so much for a beautiful night it has allowed me to fulfil a dream and a longing I have had since a was very young. Thank you Natalia for taking me into the Teepee I felt at peace within the space. The CD is moving yet calming and it stirred emotions within my 7 yr old daughter who immediately asked why her heart felt such tightness and that she felt like crying. I wonder if you create a similar experience on a weekend for children craft dance story song. We can't wait to see you this weekend at the mind body and soul exhibition. What time are you on stage? I will send you some photos but. O orbs  in mine. Thank you so much it was an honour to be in your warmth. Light and many blessings to you all

Yours Sincerely 
Yiota Cleary


To Red Horse.

Thankyou for yesterday Sam, Mum and I enjoyed the day. It was a good day out we learn a lot more about the  history of  the Indian Culture. We all enjoy the Indian dance. It was good to get to know you and your family better. I would like to get to know even more. We have look at the photos that we took yesterday and we have seen some orbs in the photos. We will send  them to you when we get them printed. Mum would also like say thankyou for the day she really enjoyed herself. We also enjoyed the meal it was very nice meal. Mum and I would to come again to the next one and to any other events you may have coming up next year. Thankyou again you have filled one of my long time dreams to learn more about the Indian Culture and i would like to learn more if can. You and your Family have a great day and take care.

From David.


Dearest Red Horse and Natalia,
Thank you is not enough for the blessing you gave to so many yesterday,
It is very hard to put into words how grateful we are.
Natalia, you are the most loving soul, and all that love showed in your eyes all day long, the wonderful meal and the delightful & warm interaction you have with everyone.
Your lovely daughter and your wonderful friends gave so much of themselves. Another example of such loving family unit.
All the artifacts on display were beautiful, we felt very connected as walked around and absorbed the atmosphere.
Red Horse, your dancing was mesmerising and the orbs we caught on the camera showed that we were not the only ones enjoying this most fascinating  & exciting event.
We feel very blessed that we had the opportunity to be included  and accepted into this loving circle of friends and like mined people and look forward to continuing this friendship.
Many, many thanks and much love to you all.
Neil & Liz


Dear Red Horse and family 
Our love and goodwill to you all
Thankyou so much for a truly memorable day and sharing the love
That so obviously surrounds all of you
Gi and I had an amazing time and really enjoyed being part of the event
I learnt so much about the native American people in one afternoon
It is amazing that you managed to 
Cram it in to one day i truly look forward to any time spent around you guys as it is always enriching and full of love if you have a Facebook Red Horse email it to me if not get one and make me your friend as i have many
Friends on it i can hook you up with that can help what you are trying to do
eg: entertainment personalities that could help you with flute CD’s or who knows not sure but the spirits there 
Yesterday prompted me to tell you this
As always 

Sincerely your friends Dale and Giovanna


Dear Red Horse and Natalia,

Thank you both so much for the great day. Still buzzing well into the night. Wonderful energies you both have and delightful to meet you. 
With gratitude I send you both this beautiful piece of 'We are all one' I play this every couple of months just to remind me about our Mother and how precious she is................
Hope you enjoy it.

Peace to you both Roisin

Testimonies for

'The Day in the Life of a Native American Indian'; April 21st, 2012


Dear Red Horse and Natalia,

The entire day spent with like minded people was incredibly healing, fascinating, and emotional - both happy and sad.

Natalia's personal touches and large heart were evident throughout the day - the way she even personally served dinner made me feel like I was part of your family; and knowing your daughter was there helping also reinforced the 'community spirit' feeling that permeated throughout.

Listening to Red Horse educate us on all manner of things Native American just made me thirsty for more more more!  The beautiful beadwork and clothing, the many artefacts and his dancing were mesmerising to watch. Red Horse touched on so many physical, emotional and spiritual subjects that when I tried to tell people about the workshop today I just didn't know how to sum up such an experience!  How do you make tangible the intangible?  How do you describe the heart and soul that obviously went into making the day so incredible for the participants?  I wish I could turn back the clock and do the whole thing again!

The word 'thank you' just doesn't seem enough and I hope you change your mind and do more of these types of workshops in the future.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

Love and Light



Hi Red Horse, Natalia, the Red Horse Crew and other guests,

Sarah and I wish to thank you all for a wonderful experience we had on Saturday 21 April 2012.  It was a great event that both of us will remember for the rest of our lives.  We have met so many new friends who are all interested in the Native American culture and we are

proud to have been part of this experience.  We both enjoyed it so much, we will attend the next one.  It was also good to catch up with Red Horse and Natalia again.

Please let us know the date of the next one, and we'll mark it on our calendar.

Sarah and Simon


Dear Red Horse and Natalia,

Many thanks for the photos of you dancing with all those orbs so very clear. Red Horse I’ve said it a hundred times that when I am in your company i feel that i have drifted back in time, for when you were playing the flute i found myself sitting in a large circle along with dozens of Indians from the old and wise middle aged and some younger warriors and we are camped on the plains close  to a large rocky outcrop and most of the Indians were talking amongst them or selves. I wasn’t really aware that they sat in circles it was just a vision i had. am sorry that i wasn’t very active on the day but was having breathing problems but that certainly didn’t stop me enjoying myself. I actually appreciated the second time around .Once i found the gathering of people very friendly. Was also sorry to hear about Gerry and hope he is on the mend. Please pass on my regards when you speak to him next. Red Horse i believe its a sho shone Indian saying that the heart cannot express its true feelings into words. Would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank yourself and Natalia and all who helped you put it altogether as it was another day that i wont forget thanks again Red Horse.

Yours sincerely


Thank you Red Horse and Natalia for such a wonderful learning experience. 
I will never forget the warmth and friendliness shown to me.
thank you, keep up the great work.
Marie xx


Dear Red Horse and Natalia,

I am hoping you have a spot for me on the next workshop. I believe these will grow and
that as word of mouth gets around many more people will want to dance with their and others
ancestors and passed ones. It is a very touching and amazing experience of which I 
cannot explain in words as they will never convey the heartfelt feeling that this experience
brings. I thank you greatly for this. Anyway things for you and Natalia will grow and grow
because you both come from the heart and it shows.
Universal love and blessings to you both Susie Stevens


Testimonies for 

"A Day in the Life of a Native American"; November 5th, 2011


We want to thank everyone who came out to our first workshop and making it a huge success!!!! Our dream is well under way by enlightening all who share our passion for the people. The first people!! Please stay in touch as many of you want to attend our second workshop.

Thank you to Nina, Kim and Mary who gave such wonderful testimonies to the audience at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival - 18, 19 and 20 - 2011. We are so grateful for the enthusiasm you share in what we do.

Much love from Red Horse and Natalia


Hey Red Horse & Natalia - Hope this will help continue the great work that you do.


Red Horse, Natalia, Jerry and all in the 35 Tribe. What a day! I haven’t stopped talking about it to everyone I see. It was Inspiring, Educational and Enjoyable in so many ways. Thank you for the opportunity to hear, see and experience all that is The Native American Indian. I encourage anyone remotely interested in Native American Indian culture to contact Red Horse for an amazing experience from a group that will become your family. I will see you at the next experience.


Murray Francis


Red Horse, Tony and I would like to thank you and your beautiful wife Natalia for an immensely special & memorable day that we would thoroughly recommend to anyone who would like to be authentically immersed in Native American Culture!  The facts that you shared were remarkable and you truly are a very engaging educator….

At the experience you shared so generously an abundance of traditional knowledge and really enabled participants to experience Native American Lifestyle and Wisdom… while gently reminding everyone present of their own connection to spirit, mother earth and of their belongingness to community….the feast that Natalia and her helpers prepared was mouth wateringly delicious, your dancing & flute playing was full of passion, mesmerizing and marvellous to witness; participating in the dancing was a whole lot of fun too!

We can’t wait to do it all again!

Thank you and many blessings to you,

Sally de Beche & Tony Gee


Hi Red Horse,

"The Experience “A day in the life of an American Indian” was inspiring. Red Horse and his beautiful wife Natalia put on an Amazing Day. The day consists of learning about the American Indian ways, their tools and weapons, bead work among many other things. It was unbelievable how many myths were dispelled, ones that had been created through Hollywood stereotypes. The incredible thing was learning the vast differences in the cultures of American Indians. They as different from the South to the North of the American continent as Europeans from Scandinavia are to those in the Southern Mediterranean, not just in looks they also had cultural differences and the complex political structures of the so called civilized countries.
Jerry, shared with us a very condensed version of his life and his kinship with the American Indian ways, your story and knowledge was incredible and I was so glad I was there to hear it and meet you. You are an inspirational Man.
The energy of Red Horse, Natalia and Jerry is infectious and it is impossible to not be excited about what they are saying, it is an experience just to be in their energy space alone.
Lastly however most importantly, when Red Horse dances you can sense the entire Indian nations there with him dancing as well it is an experience to behold and I urge you all to take the opportunity to attend this session when the opportunity arises again.
I personally will never be the same again after this experience, thank you Red Horse, Natalia and Jerry.
Thank you my new Friends,
Leonidas Kolokathis"


I had an amazing time. I especially loved the music, drum beating and dancing. It was like I went back in time when I was dancing. A Free Spirit. The energy was so powerful. A day I will always remember.

Mary Kyrillidis


Pago and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Red Horse, Natalia, Jerry and everyone whom attended the Workshop. It was fascinating to hear about Native American Indians and their culture, the simplicity of their life and sustainability. The workshop was very informative including artefacts, dancing, stories and the food. Thank you once again and we highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in the Native American Way and more.

Leanne and Pago xx


"Hi Red Horse and Natalia, thank you for the well organized and very informative workshop on 05/11/11.

I think we all enjoyed the day, the information about the mighty Apache Nation, your dancing and our pathetic attempts to imitate these (naturally I'm speaking for myself), the food, the beading session and even the cleaning-up afterwards. You both are a great team together and you have a great team working with you. Well done and please reserve a ticket for me for the next workshop. Mita kuye ayasin.



The work and effort that was put into Saturday’s gathering was clearly evident and very much appreciated by all. The late finish due to you guys not wanting to leave anything out and giving everything that you had to give was awesome. Thanks for a really great day.

Love to you all,

Christine Gray


I had so much fun at the Native American Experience; I really loved the depth and variety of information provided. It's a very fun and friendly experience with lots of hands on things to do. All up, it was a great day.

"Thank you so much Red Horse and Natalia for today's workshop. You both made it such an amazing day and I am honoured to have been apart of it. Look forward to the next one! xx"

Cassandra Dutton


Dear Red Horse and Natalia,

Your event was infused with a wonderful spirit of Cooperation, Harmony and Loving Kindness (which is a Buddhist term, but sums up well, what World needs most now). It was The Learning and Healing Experience, with a Beautiful Energy and in a beautifully arranged setting of Native American ceremonial objects and Sacred Symbols and  Items...

The presence of your Three Children helping and Children helping during the event further enhanced the beautiful sense of Community, as did the presence of Jerry, with his Love of Native American Tradition, which we all share, but He embodies it perfectly with great Love and Grace. To be shown, how to tie and prepare our own smudging feathers was a very special gift, as the feathers  we took home to cherish...and to decorate their stems with all those beautiful beads - another beautiful gift...

The sincerity, good will and enthusiasm of  five of You were just marvellous, as was Your superb dancing Red Horse! Incredible to watch - and so wonderful

and powerful!  And later we learned some steps - which was a great joy.

The Documentary has shown with great sensitivity an unknown (to to me) chapter in Native American History, where  the impossible seemed possible at first... A peaceful coexistence and even cooperation (between the earliest group of UK settlers and The Native Americans).... to the point, before  the missionary zeal of conversion came into play...and the tragic events ensued...

Thank you so much for this Special Day! It really gave me a sense of what life was like in those tranquil days, of long ago, before the drive to The Wild West started...

The food prepared for us was just, oh, so delicious!

With Best Wishes to All of You

with Love and Light



Hi Red Horse and Natalia,

I can't find the words to express how much I enjoyed your interactive experience last November. When I got home, I talked about it to my wife nonstop until we went to bed, and to anyone else who would listen for the next month or so. I learnt so much about the Indian culture that I didn't know before, and everyone present was so friendly, it all made for an unforgettable experience.

Ken Wilson


 "Thank you Red Horse Rivera and Natalia for a day filled with inspiration, beauty and education. It was a captivating day with great laughs as well. And learning to dance was incredible...but yes, much practice needed ha-ha!! Along with the radiantly beautiful Natalia, I met some amazing people. Thank you for sharing Red Horse, you are an amazing educator! Blessings to you all.  x o x”

Debra Jacka


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