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If you want your festival to be on Fire you need Red Horse to bring in the crowds.

You will make the best decision when you choose Red Horse to perform at your Festival. 

Native American Indian, Red Horse, is a descendent from the Mescalero Apache Tribe from the South West of America.

He is one of the most exhilarating, power surged performers to entertain and draw in the crowds of today.

He is a speaker, an educator, a story teller, a flutist a dancer and actor.

His riveting traditional dance performances are pure energy that invigorate and transfixes spectators from all walks of life.

Red Horse’s mesmerising, heart-rending notes on the Native American flute captivate each and every listener, at times to the point of tears. The soul surrenders and is moved throughout his entire act.

 His spirituality connects the audience with his passion and immense respect for his culture of the indigenous people of The Americas.




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