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On behalf of myself, my family, and Native American Productions, we would like to introduce you to what can be a new important phase in your life. We are most honoured and blessed to let you know that you have a chance to own a sacred ring with the technology that has been rediscovered from ancient times.

It is not a piece of fashion jewellery but a healing ring. This precisely crafted tool should be worn everyday. The ring is a healing device for all soft tissue, arthritis, nerve pain (pins and needles), clearing unfocused minds, back pain, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, vertigo, and pain from everyday bodily injuries.

This device can heal you at an accelerated rate because it is a superconductor which has the potential to increase your aura by 700 percent. You will become instantly grounded and your balance will increase amazingly. The free energy it is producing is the pure white light that a Reiki healer connects to, except this pure white light is on all of the time.  I prefer to call it the Creators white light or God’s light because of what it can do for you and your family and friends once you share with them what you have. This is something you must do, passing this information to others who need protection and also healing like yourself. When you do this you are having a positive affect on others and on this planet.   Just because we grow older does not mean we have to accept pain on a daily basis for the rest of our lives. This is the time where we would like to enjoy life, pain free. 

I have also met countless people, elderly and young people who live in pain and have accepted it. Just because we have ailments that the doctors cannot alleviate, does not mean there is no help for your daily pain and suffering. We have witnessed countless miracles happen right before our very eyes!!

  For those of you who cannot wear your tensor ring around your wrist or on your finger because of your work safety and health regulations you can place the ring in your pocket or on a chain around your neck. It will still work very effectively. Ideally it is best worn touching the skin but will still work in your pocket. Try it out!                   

  Most items you own will eventually wear out and break with age but the healing ring will last your lifetime and your children’s, children’s, children’s lives. As long as you do not break the welds or cut the ring or bracelet. It can be an heirloom to pass down forever. It never stops working!  

  Many people have experienced an abundance of energy within hours. They feel energized since their body is no longer suffering pain and their energy is being channelled in positive ways. For some of us it has been a long time since we have felt this way.  

 People who wear these bracelets and rings find that they become inseparable from them.

We have had numerous people that have lent their rings to family members and need to purchase another as the rings never seem to be returned. That doesn’t surprise us in the least. Would you return something that brings relief to your pain so that you can live life to the fullest?

Now let’s get down to some other remarkable reasons you would benefit from wearing the healing ring.

Heaing rings or bracelets protect us from harmful microwaves, radiation, ELF, EMF, and all the unseen and invisible dangers that bombard our bodies giving people cancer at an alarming rate.

The technologies that we rely on in this modern world are increasing at an alarming rate.

Did you know the smart meter is bombarding your home with radiation?

Be protected and enjoy life the way we were meant to.

Please feel free to call us or write to us with any questions or testimonials. Your testimonials will help others realize and know that there is positive help in this world for healing and protection.

Many abundant blessings to you and your family,

Red Horse and Natalia


Native American Productions Proprietors: Red Horse and Natalia Rivera

Phone: 0425 428 088 / 0411 568 963


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