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Bracelet A - This is our strongest and heavy duty bracelet that we provide to the public for physical and emotional pain relief. It weighs from 85 to 88 grams. It is ususally for Men as the weight is heavier but it is also for larger women.


Bracelet B - The Regular Strength bracelet is ideal for physical and emotional pain in women and teenagers. It weighs faproxiamtely 50 grams. This Bracelet is ideally for Women.


Bracelet C - This Half Cubit Double Twist Healing Bracelet is for children. It is longer than the baby's strength bracelet but is the same thickness. It weighs from 34 to 36 grams.


Bracelet D - This Quater Cubit Double Twist Healing Bracelet is for babies and toddlers. It is shorter than the children's bracelet but is the same thickness. It weighs from 26 to 28 grams.


The Half Cubit Double Twist New Dimension adjustable healing bracelets can improve stability and balance and have amazing results with multiple sclerosis, provide arthritis relief, help with neurological disorders, relieves sciatica pain, clear blockages and habits, increase stamina, relieve fibromyalgia pain, decreases nerve pain and pins and needles, alleviate migraines and headaches. It also offers protection from EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies) and great protection from computers and wifi. 


Receive a complimentary Mini Healing over the phone when you purchase a Bracelet.

All of our Healing bracelets are sacredley created by Red Horse and Spiirt. 

Every Healing bracelet is prayed over, blessed and  spiritually cleansed.

Double Twist Bracelets

PriceFrom $95.00
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